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Helping You Win Awards

Helping you and your business win awards

10 top reasons to put your business forward for an award:

  1. It provides you with an outstanding opportunity to raise your company’s profile

  2. It demonstrates confidence in your business – if you don’t have confidence in your business why should anyone else?

  3. Just getting on the short list provides you with solid third-party endorsement and enhanced credibility for you and your business

  4. You can draw attention to your company by using the award logo on your marketing materials, stationery and email signatures

  5. Winning an award, or just being short listed, gives you something new to tell existing clients and provides a compelling reason for you to approach potential clients

  6. The whole exercise adds an excitement to your business and helps you motivate your staff. It gives them something to be really proud of

  7. Inviting staff to attend the awards ceremony is a great motivator for them and provides an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate that you value your team

  8. Inviting clients to the awards ceremony is a major opportunity to reinforce relationships

  9. The event is likely to generate media coverage. It also provides the opportunity for you to reinforce relationships with key media and generate positive coverage yourself

  10. Participating in awards provides unique networking opportunities among the other contenders and even judges.

We can identify the most appropriate awards for your business and develop and awards strategy for you. You can then either write your own entries or commission us to research, write and submit your entries. We also provide an advisory service for any entries you may have already written. We have an excellent track record of helping companies win awards.

Call us now and find out what we can do for you and your business – we can provide you with a prompt, costed proposal specifically for your business.

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