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Hailsham Architectural Designer Takes the Initiative

22nd January 2019


Hailsham-based architectural designer and planning consultant Glenn Moore of GM Moore & Associates has launched a petition to force the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire, to reconsider the direction of his ‘Building Better, Building Beautiful’ Commission.

It is clear housing is a major problem in the UK – a recent report by Shelter suggested the UK needed three million new homes to solve its housing crisis. In addition to a lack of housing, there are also concerns about the quality and design of new housing. To look at this, James Brokenshire announced the formation of the ‘Building Better, Building Beautiful’ Commission in 2018.

Glenn Moore, an award-winning designer and planning expert, initially offered a cautious welcome to the commission but this quickly turned to concern when it was announced the philosopher Sir Roger Scruton was to head the commission.

Glenn Moore says:

“All sides agree there is a problem with housing in this country. Not just with the amount but also the quality of new housing. We do need a government initiative that will drive forward better housing standards in this country, but a commission headed by a reactionary dinosaur like Roger Scruton isn’t it. His well-known views on modern architecture will mean housing estates full of out-of-date pastiche dwellings.

“At best, we must hope this appointment is purely political – designed to make it look as if the government is doing something about housing while achieving nothing. At worst, this commission could put back commercial housing design in this country by literally centuries, if the designs lauded by Housing Minister Kit Malthouse are anything to go by.” 


Explaining what he feels this country needs, Glenn states the commission must include voices from all sides: The commission needs voices from a broad range of opinions to ensure we get the best housing possible for this country. That can’t happen if the head of the commission isn’t open to new ideas and that is certainly the impression Roger Scruton has given.

“I want this commission to include experts on environmentally conscious design, alternative construction techniques and materials, and modern dwelling design (a RIBA member), as well as representatives from local government and planning. Only with all these voices being heard will we get housing that is worthy of future generations.”

To try to achieve this, Glenn has started a petition to gain support for his vision of how the problem of housing should be addressed. The petition asks James Brokenshire to rethink the direction of his commission and be can be found at:


For further information contact Suzi Christie on 01323 449744 or by e-mail