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Cleankill on BBC Radio Sussex

Cleankill Pest Control's Managing Director Paul Bates has once again been interviewed by BBC Radio Sussex.

The last-minute call from the producers of the Allison Fern show. Paul has been a contributor to this, and other radio shows, on a number of occasions. They call him because he is able to give interesting, relatable expert opinions on a range of subjects relating to pest control...and they can trust he won't say anything inappropriate or impartial.

His considerable experience in pest control was sought after it was reported the recycling point in Hollingbury, Brighton, had been temporarily closed due to a pest problem.

Off the back of this story, we have been working with Cleankill on a small campaign to remind businesses and individuals of the importance of washing your food packaging waste before putting it into the recycling.

To read their short news item, click here.

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