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Cleankill says 'Be Bold!'

In 2020, Paul Bates, Managing Director of Croydon-based Cleankill Pest Control, was on holiday when it became clear the COVID-19 pandemic was not going to bypass the UK. A couple of weeks later he had to decide how to continue with lockdown restrictions in place and half of his employees furloughed.

In April 2021, Cleankill announced their contract portfolio had reached £2 million, with turnover exceeding £3 million. Soon afterwards they recruited their 50th employee.

We've just helped Paul to create and publish his latest blog in which he explains how the team at Cleankill overcame the challenges of 2020/21 - his message: 'Be Bold!'

To read Paul's blog, click here.

Blueberry PR has been working with Cleankill for several years. Our work on blogs is part of a comprehensive PR strategy that encompasses all aspects of promotion and marketing.

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