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Clive Collins to appear on Talk TV

Updated: May 25, 2022

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm founder Clive Collins is to appear on the Petrie Hosken show on TalkTV on Thursday.

Clive will be talking about the ways he has overcome the challenge of being paralysed to start and build a successful Christmas tree business.

We contacted TalkTV to put Clive forward for interview after seeing a call for inspirational interviewees. Clive is certainly an inspiration in the way he devotes his energy in his business and family.

In additional to several radio interviews, Clive and Catsfield have also been involved in television programmes, such as the CBeebies show 'Down on the Farm' and high profile advertising campaigns for companies such as Fat Face and Govida Chocolates.

You can catch Clive at 1.15am on Thursday 26th May or on catchup.

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