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The English Soap Company Shortlisted for Good Retail Award

We are pleased to announce The English Soap Company has been named a finalist in the Power of One category at this year’s Good Retail Awards.

We have been working with The English Soap Company, and its parent company Christina May Ltd., for several years. Our focus is improving their profile through business awards and, so far, this long term strategy has resulted in them winning:

Our plan means we work closely with Managing Director Oliver Butts and his team, researching, writing and submitting the awards, before promoting their successes.

Christina May Ltd. and The English Soap Company are based in Waldron, near Heathfield. Founded in 2000, they now manufacture over five million soap bars every year.

If you would like to raise your profile through business awards, contact Suzi on 07590 591140 or e-mail

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