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Blueberry helps Cleankill win sustainability award

Blueberry PR is pleased to announce Cleankill Pest Control was named the winner of the BPCA Sustainability Award at this year's BPCA Member Awards.

The award rewards companies that go above and beyond in protecting the environment by championing sustainable solutions and projects that reduce the pest control industry’s impact on the planet.

Over the years, we have helped Cleankill to achieve considerable success in business awards. This has included winning Green Business of the Year (twice) and Responsible Business of the Year at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. In 2019 they were named Company of the Year at the British Pest Management Awards. For a complete list of Cleankill's wins, click here. If you would like to raise your profile through business awards, contact Suzi at 07590 591140 or e-mail

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