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Catsfield's Clive Celebrates Disability Award Win

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm owner Clive Collins is celebrating after winning £20,000 in the Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs.

The awards are jointly run by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and Leonard Cheshire and seek to acknowledge entrepreneurs who show that disability isn't a impediment to success.

Blueberry PR has worked with Catsfield for several years. Due to the seasonal nature of their business, we provide a contained campaign with a short timeframe that focusses on the opening of the shop, ways in which customers can enhance their Christmas experience, and the events and competitions the company runs during the festive period. Additionally, we help the business to gain exposure in local press and on regional and national radio and TV.

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm is a multi-award winning company based in Catsfield, nr Battle, East Sussex. For more information, click here.

Read our press release.

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