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Media Relations

We love developing ideas for press releases and helping our customers make headlines. We have great contacts and understand what makes a good story for television, radio, newspapers or magazines.

Providing we can create a strong enough story – and we will be honest with you if we can't – we will write and issue press releases, arrange press launches and, if it's appropriate, do our best to get you on television and radio.

We have a vast range of experience and success with the national, regional and local press. These include: Daily Mail; The Observer; The Sun; The FT; The Times; The Telegraph;The Guardian; The Express; The Sunday Times; BBC South Today; ITV Meridian; BBC Radio Sussex; Sussex Life, The Kent and Sussex Courier and The Argus. If you are looking for trade press coverage, that's no problem either.

We use a powerful database which is updated daily and includes contact details for every media outlet in the world. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help you raise the profile of your business in the media.

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